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The economic impact of the covid-19 pandemic on MSMEs in Ibero-America - CENPROMYPE – SICA

MOTIVA, REUNE-ASCUN, CLADEA's RLIE and FAEDPYME networks have promoted the creation of the Ibero-American MSME Observatory. Its main objective is to provide continuous information on the strategies and expectations of companies to facilitate and support decision-making, mainly in the economic and strategic areas. The Observatory promotes the study: "The economic impact of the covid-19 pandemic on MSMEs in Ibero-America". For this purpose, from the CENTRO REGIONAL DE PROMOCIÓN DE LA MICRO, PEQUEÑA Y MEDIANA EMPRESA (CENPROMYPE) - SISTEMA DE LA INTEGRACIÓN CENTROAMERICANA (SICA) (as participating entities), we are conducting a survey to a wide sample of companies. We would like to propose that you and/or your company participate in the study since your collaboration is essential for the success and value of it. The questionnaire will take you no more than 10 minutes to answer and the data will be treated under the condition of total anonymity and in aggregate form. We will be very grateful for your collaboration and will provide you with a digital document with the main conclusions obtained in the study, upon request. This information will be a valuable tool for the planning of the strategies to follow, both for the management of your company and for the establishment of public policies to conveniently direct your action programs.

NOTE: in the scales of type: 1 2 3 4 5 it is very important to grade the score appropriately, using intermediate values when necessary.

This survey is anonymous.
All information will be treated as confidential and aggregated; for research purposes only; and strictly subject to the Data Protection Act.
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